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Welcome to Decadent Gods!

The Ancient Greeks obtained a level of culture and civilisation that had hitherto not been seen in the history of man. They bequeathed that civilisation to the rest of humanity and many other societies, building upon that noble inheritance, passed it on to us, adding their own unique insights and contributions. However, we now live in an age where the wonders of Western Civilisation are not just being ignored, but being actively dismantled.

We at Decadent Gods Dot Com have devoted ourselves to the (perhaps futile) task of helping preserve what we have been given and to passing it on to future generations. We are not the only ones who are dedicated to this goal – there are many of us around the world (more than you may think). If you would like to help preserve that which is most noble in us, then welcome to Decadent Gods! Thanks for visiting!






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